Recent work
Conducted under NDA as a design researcher consulting for multiple product teams at a Fortune 500 organization
Research methods I’ve used recently:
• Foundational research
• Evaluative research
• 1-on-1 interviews
• Group interviews
• Usability testing
• Concept testing
• Content testing
• Contextual inquiry
• Participatory design sessions
• Diary studies (including images, videos, written responses)
Other skills I’ve used recently:
• Determining research questions
• Writing research protocols and interview guides
• Designing interactive activities (in Miro or Mural)
• Thematic analysis
• Content analysis
• Data synthesis for debriefs and reports
• Presenting to stakeholders, including design leadership
• Compiling video reels, video editing
• Competitive audits
• Secondary research
• Stakeholder workshops
• Participant screening, recruitment, and scheduling
• Stakeholder management

Last updated October 2023

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